A web app that analyses energy consumption for its optimization, described in one of the winning videos of the I invest here 2018 contest in the category of “Energy and Sustainable Development”

The project

The start-up Energy Way in Modena has developed the digital platform Vilfredo, which analyses complex energy systems to reduce waste and optimize the energy flows of industries and Public Administrations. Consumption data are monitored in real time with advanced measurement tools and are analysed to be able to best calibrate energy needs.


Taking “fine-tuning” energy efficiency measures to regulate existing energy systems in businesses or public buildings as efficiently as possible.


Thanks to European funding, the Vilfredo platform has been developed and consolidated with the use of new analysis methods via an advanced dynamic baseline solution. A simple, web-based interface has been created to guarantee scalability, the transmission of data in real time, and the quality of the entire process.

Reference call

The Vilfredo project by Energy Way has received support from the ERDF ROP 2014-2020 Axis 1, with the 2016 “Innovative Start-up” call.

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