Promoting handicrafts abroad

Italian tradition and innovation as described by CAAT [Italian acronym for Consortium of Artistic Handicrafts and Tradition] were shown in one of the winning videos of the Io investo QUI 2018 competition in the category of “Cultural and Creative Industries”.

The project

CAAT enhances the creations of member artisans with new forms of communication based on product experience and by recounting past events in which the identity of the territory intertwines with the history of the craft.


By supporting member businesses in spreading the value of their creations, CAAT aims to increase the exportation of regional handicraft products, focusing on aspects such as uniqueness, tradition, materials, and exclusive designs.


Thanks to European funding, the internationalization activities promoted by CAAT are translated into a rich calendar of participation in fairs that have confirmed the value of the strategy.

Reference call

The CAAT project is co-financed by the ERDF ROP 2014-2020 Axis 3, call Internationalization of consortiums in 2017.

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