HABITAT [Italian acronym for Home Assistance Based on the Internet of Things for the Autonomy of All], a project from the University of Bologna described in one of the winning spot videos of the Io investo QUI 2018 contest in the category of “Health and Well-being Industries”.

The project

HABITAT is a platform based on the most advanced technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is used to realize assisted domestic environments that can be reconfigured and are capable of progressively adapting to the needs of those who live there, developing solutions to support and extend the autonomy of people in their daily places and environments.


Providing a "transparent" monitoring system of daily behaviours for people that, due to age or sickness, need special attention in their family or community living spaces, ensuring their autonomy in these environments. The overall goal is to implement these technologies in common furnishing items.


Thanks to European funding, everyday objects have been designed to respond to the real needs of family members, caregivers, and patients. Examples include a sconce that allows a person to be tracked continually through a system based on RFID technology, an armchair that detects the user’s posture, and a belt equipped with a wireless inertia sensor to assess movement both indoors and outdoors.

Reference call

The HABITAT project was co-financed by the ERDF ROP 2014-2020 with the 2015 call Projects in Strategic Industrial Research.

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