Open lab in Modena

An urban space dedicated to culture, performance, and creativity, presented in one of the winning videos of the Io investo QUI 2018 competition in the category of “Cultural and Creative Industries”. The project

The project

Thanks to European funding, in 2016 the City of Modena began to renovate the old AEM plant, a building of industrial archaeology built in 1912, situated in an area next to the historical centre and the object of a city-renewal plan. The new structure includes two coworking spaces, two lab spaces, a conference room, a multi-purpose gallery of 545 sq m, and a restaurant area.


Creating a place of research, innovation, and experimentation for culture, performance, and creativity in an area of great importance for the city. A space in which business can be done and new products, services, and technologies can be developed. A meeting point for professionals, start-ups, and institutions that is also open to citizens.


The open laboratory in Modena, one of ten historical places renovated with this objective in Emilia-Romagna, was inaugurated in January 2018, during the open City Council meeting in which honorary citizenship in Modena was bestowed on Vasco Rossi.

Reference call

The project was co-financed under Axis 6 of the ERDF ROP 2014-2020 for attractive, participatory towns.

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