Projects financed by ERDF ROP 2014-2020

Review of examples of projects realised in Emilia-Romagna Region thanks to European Funds - ERDF ROP 2014-2020

examples.jpegOver 4,000 projects by companies, public bodies, professionals, and research centres have been financed by the Emilia-Romagna ERDF ROP 2014-2020. To better communicate Programme results, information campaigns have been organised since 2018, focusing on EU funds beneficiaries, being the real testimonials and direct participants of the positive impact given back to the local community. 

    In addition, other examples of funded projects emerged from regional events, trade fairs, information activities and webinars that highlighted the value of the projects implemented for the entire production system and the regional community, in the following areas/priority axis:

    • Research and Innovation
    • Innovation for Anti-Covid19 solutions
    • Competitive and Attractive Production System
    • Sustainable Development and Green Economy
    • Enhancement of Artistic, Cultural and Environmental Resources
    • Attractive and Participative Cities

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