Sustainable Development and Green Economy

EU-funded innovation and industrial research for greener future

Research and industry for greener and sustainable region

Circular economy is growing thanks to industrial research and innovative projects. A clear demonstration are the projects financed by the Emilia-Romagna Region with European Funds, also presented at the 2018-2021 editions of Ecomondo, one of ER green technology exposition.

These following videos talk about various green projects and were presented at the regional contests for EU-funded projects, a clear demonstration of the results Europe brings in Emilia-Romagna.

Circular Economy

Recycling pollution with E-CO2

Production and use of synthetic fuels from CO2 and renewable electricity, an industrial research project by ENEA Cross-Tec


Wastewater and sludge valorisation for circular economy and industrial symbiosis, industrial research project coordinated by ENEA


Plant for the neuTRalisation of reflux from analysis laboratories, development project of an innovative treatment and neutralisation plant, carried out by Newster System srl

Energy efficiency at school

Energy requalification project of the primary school F. Alberici in Boretto (RE)

GST4Water – Ferrara University

Innovative real-time monitoring technology of indoor and outdoor water consumption for sustainable water use 

Vilfredo – Energy Way

Digital platform for collecting and analysing energy data in real time, to carry out energy audits and identify actions for reducing consumption

MO-RE Farming – CRPV Lab

Digital platform for agricultural data collection and management, to provide information to support decision-making and promote more sustainable farming techniques

BEEing – Acme 21

Creation of digital products for professional beekeepers and urban beekeepers, an innovative and sustainable way to protect a key part of our ecosystem

EffiCity – Efficient energy systems for smart urban districts

Energy and Environment Laboratory of Piacenza project that develops efficient and interconnected energy systems for urban areas, accounting for 75% of total energy consumption

PU-RE, ergonomic school chairs

Circular economy for production of sustainable classroom chairs 

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