Europe is HERE

Third edition of the contest for EU funds beneficiaries

Europe is HERE.pngEncouraged by the successful editions of the first two years, the third contest Europe is HERE has the same objective: use a direct testimony to inform on what is realised in Emilia-Romagna thanks to the European funds, as well as the positive impact it had or might have for the citizens, the community and the local territory.

What is different, as to previous editions, is longer time to partecipate, duly justified due to the 2020 circumstances as well greater freedom in the selection of the communication material sent - beneficiaries were able to freely choose the way they tell the story of the project funded. Over 114 projects were sent for evaluation, in many different communication forms: video clip, infographic, social post, comics or whatever they considered most effective. Moreover, this edition was open to various EU funds beneficiaries: ERDF, ESF and Interreg programmes.

Twenty six winners were presented at the virtual award-giving ceremony of the contest, 11 of which were funded by the ERDF ROP 2014-2020.

Entrepreneurs, researchers, university professors and doctoral students, representatives of local authorities, recipients of training courses have thus become testimonials of Europe in Emilia-Romagna, creating an unanimous ode to Europe enriching PA's role and point of view with the voice European resources beneficiaries.


Evaluating target group suitability, proportional and effective use of costs as well as video pitch creativity, the European commission has granted the first prize to the contest Europe is HERE at the 2020 Inform Communications Awards.

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