Europe is HERE with us, in Emilia-Romagna

Fourth edition of the contest that puts European funds beneficiaries in the spotlight


The fourth 2021 edition of the competition open for Emilia-Romagna's beneficiaries of European funds was held from July 5 to November 15, 2021, collecting a total of 109 applications. Beneficiaries from all European funds were invited to tell what was accomplished thanks to the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund, the Interreg programs and the Rural Development Program. Good practices were repeated, such as the idea to give maximum freedom of expression to the beneficiaries, choosing among various ways of expression and communication instruments they consider fit: short video, infographics, comics, to name a few. The competition confirms itself as an opportunity with which the Region supports the beneficiaries in fulfilling their communication responsibilities related to funds received as well as better promotion of financed projects. This year, online public voting was available for the first time, arriving to almost 24,000 online votes.


coppa-vincitori.pngNine winners and ten Special mention prizes were selected by the Regional committee and the public vote. The awards ceremony was held online with great participation and enthusiastic winners endorsing this communication experience. 


A declaration that everyone is a winner in telling the story of Europe in Emilia-Romagna was  confirmed by introducing, for the first time ever, an award for each contest participant. They were invited to participate in a training program consisting of five webinars on Europe and on new communication borders, held by journalists and experts in the field.

Social campaign

In March 2022 on Facebook and Instagram regional channels, a teaser video was promoted inviting the public to discover the projects part of this contest and their impact on people's lives.

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