Urban beekeeping is the focus of this project from the Faenza-based start-up BEEing, which has patented an innovative beehive. The project was presented in one of the winning videos of the I invest here 2018 contest, in the “Food and Agriculture” Category

The project

Starting with a passion for beekeeping and thanks to the support of European funds, BEEing has developed innovative digital products for apiculture. These include the urban B-Hive, which allows honey to be extracted without coming into contact with the bees, and B-Secure, an anti-theft GPS device with real time connection to your smartphone.


Supporting the beekeeping sector and its workers and allowing anyone to become an urban beekeeper and thereby contributing to the survival of bees, which are so fundamental to our ecosystem.


Thanks to European funding, the prototypes of the GPS anti-theft device and urban beehive have been developed and production has begun.

Reference call

The start-up BEEIng has received support from the ERDF ROP 2014-2020 Axis 1, with the 2017 “Innovative Start-up” call.

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