Innovative technology to improve filtering systems in the field of medicine, at the centre of the research guided by the Fondazione Democenter and illustrated in one of the winning videos of the Io investo QUI 2018 competition in the category of “Health and well-being industries”.

The project

The project TECNO EN-P consists of useful technology to improve current filtering systems in the field of medicine, giving rise to a range of new medical devices to modernize current therapies and expand therapeutic applications. It relies on the development of polymer membranes composed of nanofibres to catch various types of circulating cellular matter.


The project aims to create new medical devices composed of flexible, selective materials to optimize filtering systems, making them perform better in the isolation/depletion of target elements.


Thanks to European funding, new technologies have been developed in the TECNO EN-P project that improve the quality of therapeutic filtering treatments and reduce disposal costs.

Reference call

The TECNO EN-P project was co-financed by the ERDF ROP 2014-2020 with the 2015 call Projects in Strategic Industrial Research.

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