HERE ideas become reality - 2019 contest

The winner of the 2019 contest starring the EU Funds beneficiaries

Motorbike Vins 250

VINS entrepreneurial project is about creating an original Made-in-Italy product - innovative and powerful sports motorbike - winning a shared first place in the Category of Mechatronics and Motor Industry

Smart Wheat

A project developed by the University of Parma, SITEIA, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and other external partners to tackle an important dietary problem, reduce level of discomfort in suffering subjects and help in the prevention of the celiac disease, winning in the Agricultural and Food Economics Category

Palazzo del Podestà, Municipality of Faenza (RA)

A project of restoration of the famous building Palazzo del Podestà in the heart of Faenza (RA), providing a new touristic attraction in the city centre, winning the first place in the Construction Industry Category

PU-RE Project

A sustainable and innovative project of the company ILPO srl for manufacturing ergonomic and fun school chairs, winning in the Energy and Sustainable Development Category

San Martino Animal Health Centre

Amusing video presenting a project for improving the internal and external communication network of the veterinary facility, one of the two winners in the Category of Health and Wellness Industry

GE.D.I. Platform

This innovative company from Castel Maggiore (BO) has managed to create a functional and innovative platform for genetic data management, sharing the first prize in the Category of Health and Wellness Industry

Laser Scan - Digitalised Reality

One of the winners in the Innovative Services Category, the project video is a simple and user-friendly demonstration of a new detection system using modern 3D laser technology

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