Between Land and Water, Municipality of Comacchio (FE)

An emotional video for an interesting project of touristic development of Comacchio Valleys for a joint first place in the Innovative Services Category

The Project

An integrated strategy for improving the overall situation of Comacchio Valleys, combining the sustainable touristic opportunities of the area with the need to conserve the local ecosystem


Preservation, promotion and further development of the rich environmental and cultural heritage in the area, promoting integration with the regional fishing pole and defining a system of interconnected cycling routes and pedestrian paths, thereby improving the touristic potential of the area


Improved touristic offer, co-existence of the historic heritage and the young local population embracing the future, new regional infrastructural system that connects Ravenna and Comacchio

Call for Proposals

ERDF 2014-2020 Call for Proposals, Axis 5, Action 6.6.1 – Enhancement of environmental resources

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