Laser Scan - Digitalised Reality

One of the winners in the Innovative Services Category, the project video is a simple and user-friendly demonstration of a new detection system using modern 3D laser technology

The Project

Implementation of a new system to detect real-life environments with a help of new 3D laser equipment. Using drone equipment, cloud services and 3D laser technology, real locations become three-dimensional miniatures instead of limited two-dimensional drawings


Simplified use of laser scan technology available for all: citizens, companies and public administration bodies


Easy and clear methodology for 3D laser printing. Simple technique that make 3D technology possible to use in every sector: medical, industrial, robotics, cultural heritage preservation and construction industry

Call for Proposals

ERDF 2014 - 2020 Call for Proposals, Axis 3, Action 3.1.1. – Support for investments in the manufacturing industry

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