PU-RE Project

A sustainable and innovative project of the company ILPO srl for manufacturing ergonomic and fun school chairs, winning in the Energy and Sustainable Development Category

The Project

Promoting sustainability, recycling and circular economy, the project is about the process of design, manufacturing and long-life tests of ergonomic chairs for school classrooms


  • Sustainability, energy conservation and eco-sufficiency;
  • Recycling and ergonomic, durable and high-performance chairs for as many school children as possible


Creation of a new material PURE = PUrethane REusable, to evaluate the impact of shells and chairs made of rigid polyurethane and definition of an environmental-friendly strategy for the design and the production of the new products and their re-use; improved manufacturing cycle and optimised profit

Call for Proposals

ERDF 2014-2020 Call for Proposals, Axis 3 – Projects for promoting export, internationalisation activities and participation on international trade shows 2018-2019

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