GE.D.I. Platform

This innovative company from Castel Maggiore (BO) has managed to create a functional and innovative platform for genetic data management, sharing the first prize in the Category of Health and Wellness Industry

The Project

The project leader NSI Srl and diverse research centres have joined forces to create a cloud-sharing and data-mining platform named GE.D.I. (Genotype-phenotype Data Integration). The platform contains clinical data on rare diseases of the skeletal system, useful for better management and integration of medical data


Provide complete data and ease the sharing process that is essential in this kind of important research. Sensitive personal data such as these clinical data require utmost confidentiality which was also one of the project’s objectives


Improved data management, enhanced level of confidentiality, reinforced and intensified teamwork between different research centres involved in the study

Call for Proposals

ERDF 2014-2020 Call for Proposals, Axis 3, Action 3.5.2 – Funds for professional activities

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