Palazzo del Podestà, Municipality of Faenza (RA)

A project of restoration of the famous building Palazzo del Podestà in the heart of Faenza (RA), providing a new touristic attraction in the city centre, winning the first place in the Construction Industry Category

The Project

The project is focused on the restoration activities in the famous building Palazzo del Podestà and enhancing the new pavilion of the Arengo’s Hall, providing a new multifunctional space to be used for different cultural activities


The project aims to renovate the spaces in the Palazzo del Podestà, an important city landmark. The future goal is to make this magnificent building a location open to the public, be it for culture, art, exhibitions or other activities of public interest


A historical building in the heart of Faenza that is renovated and open for its citizens

Call for Proposals

ERDF 2014-2020 Call for Proposals, Axis 5, Action 6.7.1 – Enhancement of cultural resources

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