Research and innovation – Priority axis 1

Priority axis 1 intends to strengthen the regional network for research and technology transfer to businesses. The measures supported by this axis are aimed at increasing businesses’ capacity to introduce new solutions and products, including through collaborations with research partners, promoting innovation pathways in strategic areas of the regional production system, strengthening the research of the High-Tech Network, facilitating the use of innovation laboratories and centres through international openness and participation in European programmes such as Horizon 2020 and COSME, as well as supporting high-tech start-ups.

It is based on four objectives:

  • to strengthen the technological capabilities of laboratories in the High-Tech Network by acquiring new instruments;
  • to increase businesses’ innovation activities by supporting their research projects, the acquisition of technological innovation services, the adoption of innovative process and product solutions, as well as research and development projects in collaboration with research partners (centres, universities, etc);
  • to strengthen the regional and national innovation system by supporting participation among regional actors in specialist technological networks and in complex projects;
  • to support the creation and consolidation of high-tech start-ups.

This priority axis has been allocated €140,568,582.


Call for innovative start ups 2017

Applications from 10 May to 30 November 2017

Funds: € 4,5 millions

Applications received: 273

Applications accepted for funding: 41


Innovative services for SMEs 2017

Applications from 16 to 31 October 2017

Funds: € 2,4 millions

Applications received: 152

Applications accepted for funding: 84


"Tecnopoli" industrial research structures development

Applications from 5 April to 29 September 2017

Funds: € 1,3 millions

Applications accepted for funding: 11


Smart specialization strategy development

Applications from 3 May to 14 July 2017

Funds: € 3,3 millions

Applications accepted for funding: 10


Innovative services for SMEs 2016

Applications from 1 September to 14 October 2016

Funds: € 4,9 millions

Applications received: 175

Applications accepted for funding: 107


Call for innovative start ups 2016

Applications from 21 March to 30 September 2016

Funds: € 5,4 millions

Applications received: 249

Applications accepted for funding: 54


Research and development projects for enterprises

Applications from 2 September to 30 October 2015

Funds: 31.5 million Euros

Applications received: 316

Applications accepted for funding: 107


Strategic industrial research projects

Applications from 3 November to 30 November 2015

Funds: € 48,3 millions

Applications accepted for funding: 59

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