Attractive and Participative Cities, Axis 6

Priority Axis 6 intends to implement the European Urban Agenda giving central role to the Emilia-Romagna cities. Activities also include enhancement of cultural heritage and providing ideal environment for encouraging citizens participation through the use of ICTs.

Priority objectives

Strengthening the identity of urban areas capable of triggering citizens participation processes and enterprises as well as creating new opportunities for employment and inclusion are some of the main goals of this Priority. Ten regional centres are included along with the Municipalities responsible for the implementation of sustainable urban development strategies.

Open spaces for implementing strategies and objectives of the Priority Axis are the Open Laboratories. Staffed with advanced ICT solutions, they are open for collaboration between enterprises, citizenship, the third sector, universities and research centres, public administration and all the actors with significant role in the urban transformation.

It is based on two objectives:

  • to increase citizens’ participation in their cities growth through the use of ICT tools;
  • to enhance cultural attractions and cities' cultural identity.

This priority axis has been allocated €9.6 million up to December 31, 2020. In order to support the regional healthcare system in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, some  projects were moved for funding under the National Development and Cohesion Fund.

State of play and Current results

Asse 6 scheda_en.pngAsse 6_indicatori_en.png
Data up to December 31, 2020


The Network of Open Laboratories has participated in different editions of the regional contest aimed at EU funds beneficiaries with numerous videos and other materials. 


Projects for inclusion and smooth digital transformation of citizens


Cultural Heritage Asset

Open Laboratories topics


Palazzo d’Accursio and Sala Borsa

Co-design of new collaborative and digital services for the urban community


Former Verdi Theatre

Sustainable tourism and mobility


Former Amcm Area

Entertainment and artistic productions


San Paolo monumental complex

Culture and agrifood excellencies

Reggio Emilia

The Cloisters of St. Peter

Social innovation and welfare


Former Church of Santa Maria del Carmine

Logistics and sustainable mobility


Art museum of the city of Ravenna and museum of the territory of Classe

Tourists’ access to cultural heritage assets and the territory


Former asilo (nursery) Santarelli

Cultural heritage and active citizenship


Bufalini House

Culture and creative society


Modern wing of the civic museum and Ponte di Tiberio (the Bridge of Tiberius)

Innovative services to enjoy the city's cultural heritage

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