ICT development and Digital Agenda implementation – Priority axis 2

Priority axis 2 intends to support the use of Ict among businesses to improve their productivity and among public administration to improve its efficiency and, consequently, to offer greater opportunities and benefits to citizens.

Information and communication technologies are used to implement the Digital Agenda objectives which the Region has set itself, including the roll-out of high-speed broadband and the advanced digital services provided by the network of one-stop business advisory centres (SUAPs).

It is based on two objectives:

  • to reduce digital divides and to roll out high-speed broadband connectivity in regional production areas considered to be market failures;
  • to digitalise administrative processes and to roll out interoperable digital services so public administration services are accessible to businesses with a view to streamlining procedures and increasing the competitiveness of the economic system and of public      administration (SUAP network). .

This priority axis has been allocated €30,094,763.


Building of fibre-optic infrastructures for high-speed broadband

Applications from 15 March to 15 April 2016

Funds: € 26,5 millions

Applications received: 162

Applications accepted for funding: 160

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