Promotion of Low Carbon Economy, Axis 4

Priority axis 4 intends to create incentives for energy efficiency and savings as well as for the development of renewable resources both by public bodies and companies with a view to regional sustainable development both in terms of protecting the environment and saving energy costs.

The intended results include: reducing the energy consumption of production processes for industrial businesses and public buildings by 20% and increasing businesses’ energy production from renewable resources by 20% and self-consumption by 25%.

It is based on three objectives:

  • to encourage businesses to lower their energy consumption and to produce energy from renewable resources to support self-consumption, including by setting up ecologically equipped production areas;
  • to promote lower energy consumption in buildings and public facilities, as well as the introduction of renewable energy production systems;
  • to promote sustainable mobility in urban areas.

This priority axis has been allocated € 104.4 million up to December 31, 2019. In May 2020, the ERDF ROP financial plan has been modified by moving resources equal to €8.3 million from Axis 4 to Axis 1. This reprogramming is part of the regional actions to support the industrial research in response to Covid-19 emergency.

Axis 4 - May 2020
Data up to May 28, 2020



Application accepted for funding


Regional Law 14/2014 project (Industry 4.0) 2019

17 (1° call)

€ 22 millions

Energy efficiency improvement in public buildings and public housing 2018


€ 9 millions

Regional Law 14/2014 project (Industry 4.0) 2017


€ 1,08 millions

Multipurpose Fund – Energy 2017-2018-2019


€ 24 millions

Energy efficiency improvement in public buildings and public housing 2017


€ 8.8 millions

Regional Law 14/2014 project (Industry 4.0) 2016


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