Technical assistance – Priority axis 7

Priority axis 7 is aimed at promoting measures and tools to support the implementation, monitoring, assessment, supervision and publication of interventions co-financed by the programme.

It is based on six objectives:

  • to implement, monitor and supervise the management system of the Operational Programme;
  • to provide technical support for the management of the Programme;
  • to manage crucial horizontal tasks (e.g. cash flows, coordination between offices, tools to ensure full transparency, etc);
  • to assess the effectiveness of the Programme’s strategy and results;
  • to support the authorities responsible for implementing the Programme by recruiting specialist technical skills and working alongside city authorities to select operations;
  • to provide information to potential beneficiaries of ROP initiatives and to provide maximum exposure of their contents and results among the actors involved as well as citizens.

This priority axis has been allocated €18 million.

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