Production system competitiveness and attractiveness – Priority axis 3

Priority axis 3 intends to stimulate an innovative, attractive process for investments, new entrepreneurial initiatives and talents. To increase competitiveness and attractiveness, this priority axis focuses on supporting the growth of investments in production, business internationalisation and new business start-ups, while promoting, among other things, direct incentives and support measures for access to credit.

Moreover, it intends to encourage the flow of tourists to the region by providing more sustainable and innovative skills to businesses in the sector, while improving the services offered and the reception received.

It is based on five objectives:

  • to set up and consolidate micro, small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • to support the introduction and effective use of ICT tools in SMEs;
  • to support business certification and innovation in the biggest tourist areas and growth opportunities for cultural and creative sectors;
  • to revive the willingness to invest in the production system;
  • to support internationalisation pathways;
  • to improve access to credit by serving as a guarantor for growth, diversification and internationalisation projects.

This priority axis has been allocated €120,473,818.


Export promotion and exhibition participation support to enterprises

Applications from 15 May to 11 October 2017

Funds: € 11,6 millions

Applications accepted for funding: 268 (1° call)


Multipurpose Fund - Starter

Applications from 4 July 2017 to 31 January 2018

Funds: € 11 millions

Applications accepted for funding: 43 (1° call)


Ict projects for self-employed professional

Applications from 3 May to 10 October 2017

Funds: € 4,3 millions

Applications received: 394

Applications accepted for funding: 174 (1° call)


Internationalization of consortium

Applications from 1 January to 31 December 2017

Funds: € 1,5 millions


Turistic, commercial and cultural attractiveness projects

Applications from 10 January to 28 february 2017

Funds: € 22,4 millions

Applications received: 537

Applications accepted for funding: 431


Projects for the promotion of exports for non-export enterprises

Applications from 15 March to 30 September 2016

Funds: € 11.2 millions

Applications received: 193


Ict projects for small and medium-sized enterprises

Applications from 1 February to 31 March 2015

Funds: € 4,7 millions

Applications accepted for funding: 284

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