ERDF Regional Programme 2021-2027

Emilia-Romagna ERDF Programme, for the period 2021-2027

The Emilia-Romagna ERDF Regional Programme (ERDF RP) is the programming document that defines strategy and operations for the use of funds allocated to the Region by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). Being one of the main investment instruments within the framework of the Cohesion Policy, it works to strengthen the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the European Union and correct imbalances between its regions, with 5 strategic priorities for 2021-2027 to make Europe smarter, greener, more connected, more social, and closer to its citizens.

The Regional Programme is closely defined in accordance with the main European and national strategies. Both in the Programme and in these strategic documents, two are the main pillars for economic and social development while strengthening the cohesion between regions - the green and the digital transition. The Regional Programme also complies with the strategic and unified vision for programming European, national and regional funds, having the Green Deal and Agenda 2030 as leading documents.

The Programme

It has four main priorities - Policy Objectives, each of which has various Specific Objectives and different implementing Actions.

  1. Research, innovation, competitiveness
  2. Sustainability, decarbonisation, biodiversity and resilience
  3. Green mobility and air quality
  4. Attractiveness, cohesion and local development

This list is completed by Technical Assistance, a fundamental element for an effective Programme managament.

The Regional Programme supports a revitalisation process that combines quality of work, increased productivity and added value, technological, environmental and social innovation, attractiveness and international openness. Thus, it helps the regional system on its path towards green transition and digital transformation, helping to reduce economic, social, gender, generational and territorial inequalities.


Over 1 billion euros - €1,024,200,000 - are planned for the implementation of the ERDF Emilia-Romagna Regonal Programme, a third of which will be allocated to fight against climate change, pursuant to the Regional Pact for Work and Climate.

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