Sustainability, decarbonisation, biodiversity, resilience

For full energy sustainability, an increasingly circular economy, protected natural resources and further investments in blue-green infrastructure

Key Priority elements include improving safety and resilience of the local territory and urban areas, enhancing climate change adaptation, and promoting an increasingly circular economy suited for current challenges. As to energy efficiency, the Programme inherits the targets set in the Regional Pact for Work and Climate, such as achieving carbon neutrality before 2050 and transitioning to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2035. Along with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, the goal is to focus on the industry, the particularly energy-intensive public buildings, as well as public housing.

Specific Objectives 

  • 2.1 Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • 2.2 Promote renewable energy in accordance with Directive (EU) 2018/2001, including the sustainability criteria set out therein
  • 2.4 Promote climate change adaptation, disaster risk prevention and resilience, considering ecosystem-based approaches
  • 2.6 Promoting the transition to a circular and resource-efficient economy
  • 2.7 Strengthen nature protection and conservation, biodiversity and green infrastructure, including the one in urban areas, and reduce all forms of pollution


A total of 303 million euros is available, as in 30% of 2021-2027 ERDF Regional Programme financial allocation. 

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