Solar wave

Thanks to European funds, a team of researchers at the University of Bologna in Rimini, partnered with SCM Group, has designed an innovative vehicle that will move using just the Sun’s energy.

The project

A perfect example of synergy between business and research, the Solar Wave project has led to the realization of an entirely innovative solar electric vehicle. This unique, one-of-a-kind project has a high technological content, especially in terms of materials, structures, processes, and the related optimization. It is one of the five examples of projects co-financed by European funding (ERDF ROP 2014–2020) promoted with the 2018 Io investo QUI campaign.


The project aims to develop an integrated path for the conceptual, functional, and construction design of a vehicle that uses only the energy of the Sun. The characteristics of the prototype include 100% sandwich-structured composites, polymaterial CNC-machined moulds and hybrid manufacturing solutions.


In 2017, the first solar cruiser drove on our streets. With 4 seats, a 6 sq. m footprint, weighing less than 300 kg, travelling at 120 km/hr, and with 200 km of autonomy, it is ready to participate in the World Solar Challenge.

Call of reference

The solar wave project is co-financed by the call for strategic industrial research projects, which falls under the 2014–2020 ERDF ROP actions in support of research and innovation.

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