Priorities and activities 2007-2013

The following activities are scheduled for the four priorities of ERDF Regional Operation Programme:

Priority 1

  1. Creation of technopoles for industrial research and technology transfer
  2. Support to SMEs "collaborative research" projects, research laboratories and innovation centres
  3. Support for the start-up of new innovative enterprises

Priority 2

  1. Support to projects aiming at the introduction of  ICTs in SMEs
  2. Support to projects and services for the creation of enterprise networks, in view of the technological and organization innovation of SMEs
  3. Promotion and support for the use of innovative financial management tools in SMEs

Priority 3

  1. Improving the energy-environmental technologies of industrial areas
  2. Support to innovative projects in the energy and environmental technological sector aiming at energy saving in the use of renewable sources
  3. Promotion of the green economy through financial engineering instruments
  4. Support to energy-saving oriented projects in the area of mobility and logistics of people and goods

Priority 4

  1. Enhancement of the environmental and cultural heritage
  2. Integrated activities for the promotion of the environmental and cultural heritage
  3. Support and enhancement of activities and services supporting access to the environmental and cultural heritage
  4. Equipment of areas devoted to economic and service activities in the affected area
  5. Support to restart the business activities in the affected area

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