The 2007-2013 programming period

The 2007-2013 Regional Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund, approved by the European Commission Decision C (2007) 3875 dated 7th August 2007, has allocated 347 million euro funds. These financial resources are mainly intended to support the Emilia-Romagna Region to reach the outstanding Lisbon and Göteborg objectives of growth in research and development expenditure, creation of the knowledge society and dissemination of sustainable development.

Parameters, such as employment, growth in research and development expenditure, number of patents, level of social inclusion, public policies oriented towards the attainment of EU objectives, involve a growing commitment of the regional system towards the creation of a new dynamic, innovative and competitive Europe, as outlined by the new Lisbon strategy. The Regional Operational Programme is therefore designed to further strengthen the Emilia-Romagna social and economic dynamism, innovation capabilities and development quality.

This overall goal is then declined in different specific sub-goals, which play a fundamental role in the regional economic and social sectors, which are characterized by high levels of development and industrialization, a good competitive positioning and a good service network in support of development. Hence, the Operational Programme pursues the overarching general objective of bringing the Emilia-Romagna Region within the area of excellence of European regions, through specific priority actions.

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