Enhancement of artistic, cultural and environmental resources – Priority axis 5

Priority axis 5 is aimed at the systemic enhancement and promotion of Emilia-Romagna’s environmental, cultural and artistic assets to improve the competitiveness of its destinations and to attract new flows of tourists.

The intended strategic areas for action include the Coastal District, the Apennines, the Po Delta, the cities of art scheme and the areas affected by the earthquake.

It is based on three objectives:

  • to protect and enhance the natural heritage offered and to improve the use of this heritage through innovative technologies;
  • to protect and enhance the cultural and artistic heritage offered in areas identified in advance as the greatest tourist attractions and to improve the use of this heritage through innovative technologies;
  • to support the integrated promotion of tourist destinations.

This priority axis has been allocated €37,589,526.


Environmental and cultural heritage preservation projects

Applications from 21 March to 30 April 2016

Funds: € 30,307,316.07

Applications received: 25 for environmental heritage preservation, 85 for cultural heritage preservation


5 environmental heritage preservation projects, € 8,180,549.13

18 cultural heritage preservation projects, € 22,126,766.94

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